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AFT's markets

we proudly supply our materials & products to a wide number of high-critical applications


AFT's material plan year 2023  fasteners stock

Market-Fields we supply materials used within the the following applications:
Aero, Space, Defense Airframes, Hydraulic Actuators, Landing Gears, Fuel Systems, Bearings, Shafts, Rockets & Missiles, Motorcases, Satellites and Launchers, etc.
Jet Engines
Industrial Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines 
Nozzles, Vanes & Segments Blades, Bladed Rings, Combustors, Compressors, Impellers, Bushels, Rotors, Hubs, Bearing Rings, Shafts, Pins, Stems, Retaining Rings, Diaphragms, Casing, Bolting, etc.
Energy Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Skids, Oil Systems, Industrial Transformers, Semiconductors
Oil & Gas Systems, Structures and Valves for Subsea, Off-shore, Wellhead, Cryogenics, Pipelines and Flow-control applications
Chemical & Petrochemical Processing plants, Reactors, Refining plants, Fertilizers, Cryogenics, etc.
Medical & Dental Orthopaedics and Dental implants, Research Devices 
Navy, Marine, High Speed Cruise Vessels, Military Navy, Submarines, Marine Structures, Desalinization Plants, Gas Scrubbers, High Speed Trains, Special Transformers, etc. 

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