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Copper Alloys


We support our Customers involved into Aerospace, Navy, Marine, High Speed, Energy and Oil & Gas markets with specific "yellow metals".

Our copper alloys are used in a wide range of applications, such as bearings, bushels, landing gears and hydraulic components, seawater & off-shore systems, valves stems and pump shafts, special fasteners, impellers, etc.

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C64700 - CuNi2Si - CuNi3Si - Nickel Silicon Bronze

C64700 -  CuNi2Si - CuNi3Si - Nickel Silicon Bronze 

Quick facts & description:

C64700 -  CuNi2Si - CuNi3Si - Nickel Silicon Bronze  has high mechanical strength, good wear and corrosion resistance combined with good anti-friction properties.

Main chemistry:

Cu balance ; Ni 1.6% - 2.2% - 4% ; Si 0.4% - 0.8%

Main fields of application:

Aerospace, High Speed, General Engineering

Our products in C64700 -  CuNi2Si - CuNi3Si - Nickel Silicon Bronze are:

  • Bars

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